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viking men and nceca

updated wed 8 oct 03


George Koller on tue 7 oct 03

you folks might just be interested to know that ol' mel
sailored out to lake michigan from here in sturgeon

by the time we came back he had the tiller, and was
eyeing the main sheet with a far away look in those
blue eyes.

oh yes, it's in his dna, like the need for meade.

and a secret hankering for carving in stone. maybe
clay is a substitute?

his viking blood hasn't been completely awakened
but don't be mess'n with him,

i could see him pulling out a broad sword and
putting some order back in your raiding party.


Lee Burningham (Box Elder High School) on tue 7 oct 03


I want to be part of this Viking shindig. Howling at the moon, running
through the fields, and terrorizing the neighborhood has long been a
tradition in my family.

Lee Burningham