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ash: washed and unwashed......corrected!

updated thu 9 oct 03


Hank Murrow on wed 8 oct 03

Thanks to Maurice for the correction to my post.

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> From: Hank Murrow
> Date: Wed Oct 8, 2003 11:49:55 AM America/Los_Angeles
> To: Ceramic List
> Subject: Ash: washed and unwashed........
> dear ash lovers,
> I would just add this to the discussion.........unwashed ash, having
> plenty of soluble alkali in it, will contribute noticeable
> irridescence to the glaze.......which washed ash seldom encourages. I
> get very nice 'raven's wing' irridescence on my Black Seto pulled
> pieces from the anagama firings using unwashed Madrone ash.
> Hank in Eugene