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small crystals in the art

updated fri 10 oct 03


George Koller on thu 9 oct 03


Our very modest site is finally up and I've put a few pictures=20
into the "clayart info" section. More to come.

The particular photo that I think a some of you may find interesting
is the leaf with the crystals.

The set of photos are at (including a "head" shot of our machine =

The zoom view shot of the tile is at:

Note: The image was contrasted abit to emphasize the crystals in
both images, as the tiles are in normal light the crystals are entirely=20
visible but several shades lighter.

What I personally find uncanny about this is that the crystals are
growing at right angles to our sgraffito work. This is new to me,
comments most welcome.... I'm about to leave (car) for Michigan
studio so I may not get right back.

Note: Charley is about to make some more of these if I can get
things right for him.


george koller
sturgeon bay, wi - door county
northport, mi - leelanau county

two great places separated by 100 miles of great lake.