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slips and colorants

updated fri 17 oct 03


Lily Krakowski on thu 16 oct 03

Cardew's blue mix and his green work extremely well included in slips &
glazes. Make up the colorant mix with plenty of water, mix well, sieve,
then allow to dry. Use the dry colorant as you would a commercial stain.
Some people bisque their homemade stains, I have never seen a difference.

As to slips. A very simple white slip is some mix of kaolin and ball clay.
This goes from 60% of one and 40% of the other, to the reverse.
If more fluxing is needed a small amount of boral frit helps, and the
"custom" is to add 5% borax to harden the surface. I do not add opacifier,
but if you feel the need, zircopax or similar works well.

As to dark slips: Red Art clay with some extra iron works well, and a bit
of cobalt adds piquancy. Red Art alone is a good slip at c.6 ox.

Lili Krakowski
Constableville, N.Y.

Be of good courage....