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bedroom studio & chamois sponge

updated sat 18 oct 03


Russel Fouts on fri 17 oct 03

>> I worked in a single bedroom studio upstairs in the house from 1973 til
1976 and it was cramped to be sure. Care with cleaning, housekeeping and
dust suppression are always better than trying to overcome airborne dust
after the fact. Beat the problem by prevention, not remediation. <<

When I move to the apartment I have my eye on (when the current tenant
leaves, years from now) I plan to use the living room as the studio. It has
a much nicer view of the square than the bedroom. ;-) Most of these are
good tips. I don't need the living room because we'll use Enzo's upstairs.

Working in the "fabric wardrobe" thingy might feel too much like working in
a puppet theatre ;-) I'd recommend cutting some windows.

About the "Chamois Sponge" I think peope are confusing it with a chamois or
fake shammy. This is a big, thick sponge that feels like a chamois.


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