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surfing with helen bates - germany - october 19th., 2003

updated mon 20 oct 03


Helen Bates on sun 19 oct 03

Surfing with Helen Bates - Germany - October 19th., 2003

-- Dorothee Wenz (Mainz, Germany)

Click on "Ausgew=E4hlte Arbeiten" to see Dorothee's work, which is=20
abstract-figural, in very intense matt glazes. Unique.

-- Marita Kraus (Aalen and Munich, Germany)

(Sculpture in clay - attenuated figures predominate)
(English, German, Polish languages available)

-- Andre=B4 Schlauch (Greifswald, Western Pommeria, Germany)

(Neolithic Pottery)

-- WWW Virtual Library: Ceramics (Hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute,=20
Dresden, Germany)

The search function doesn't work, so click on a link then scroll down to=20
view the listings. Headings included are: Ceramic Arts; Traditional=20
Ceramics; Commercial Technical Ceramics; Noncommercial Technical=20
Ceramics. It may help to use the "Find" tab of your browser.
Fraunhofer Institute home page:

This is the database of the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic=20
Technologies and Sintered Materials (German site, but has English pages=20

-- Thomas Hirschler (Germany, Archie Bray resident, USA)
Woodfired stoneware bat sculpture - I love it!
Apparently Hirschler is a resident at the Archie Bray at this time. The=20
work shown from the later 1990's here is quite, quite different from the=20
piece seen on the Selfridge site above. (The link to the show=20
"Recollecting Installation" is defunct.)


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