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surfing with helen bates - netherlands - october 19th., 2003

updated mon 20 oct 03


Helen Bates on sun 19 oct 03

Surfing with Helen Bates - Netherlands - October 19th., 2003

--Vincent Van Gogh (Holland and France)

(David Brooks's virtual gallery, "The Vincent van Gogh Gallery")
This is an immense site, that my painter husband loves.
Van Gogh painted pictures of lots of pottery, mainly vases.
This url is from the "V" to "Z" part of the Van Gogh Gallery A-Z=20
listing, and contains all the entries with the initial term "Vase" in=20
the title .
I quote some of the information on the genesis of this site:
"David Brooks lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has been studying=20
Van Gogh's life and works for nearly ten years. He is the author of=20
Vincent van Gogh: The Complete Works, a new, updated catalogue raisonn=E9=
of the works of Vincent van Gogh.
"David is the creator of the first (and only to his knowledge) online=20
catalogue raisonn=E9 of an artist's work. His Vincent van Gogh Gallery is=
the result of nearly six years, and tens of thousands of hours, of work.
"Van Gogh research and a love of travel have inspired the author to=20
"follow" in Van Gogh's footsteps and have lead him through the streets=20
of London, Paris, Arles, Amsterdam, Nuenen, Zundert, The Hague and many=20
other stops in the rich tapestry of Vincent van Gogh's life and art.

-- Google Images result for Van Gogh Gallery search :
This gets all the paintings on the Vincent van Gogh Gallery web site.=20
The benefit of using the Google search is that you can then do a further=20
search for specific terms within the site (there is no search=20
engine on the VVG site.) Navigate this result by adding a term to the=20
one already in the search window (my initial term was "vangoghgallery.")=20
So, to the term: "vangoghgallery", for instance, I added the term:=20
"still." This resulted in numerous pictures with pottery, such as the=20
vase paintings, bowl paintings, and others. Note: In order to show you=20
the most relevant results, Google will omit some entries very similar to=20
what is already displayed. If you like, you can take the opportunity to=20
repeat the search with the omitted results included.

-- Babs Haenen (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

(Garth Clark Gallery exhibitions)
Interesting, and sometimes very fine hand built abstract porcelain=20
sculptures, usually vessel-based. Check the "Previous exhibitions"=20
link for more images. "Resistance", (2002) is perhaps my favourite,=20
along with "Autumn Meadows", (1998.)

-- CATALYST instruments - Ceramic Guitars (Netherlands)

Engineers from the Delft University of Technology developed a composite=20
material incorporating a ceramic cell structure into the composite=20
material. Focusing on acoustics in general and resonance in particular=20
they looked for a material that would equal or even surpass the=20
resonance properties of wood. (Paraphrased) Lengthy quicktime and MP3=20
sound files are available, if you want to take the time to download=20
them. The guitar sounded just fine for an electronic instrument, to my=20
fairly untutored ears. The sound I listened to was the 48kb/s Quicktime=20
file of J. Ackerman's 'Halfway' which was pleasantly dreamy and jazzy at=20
one an the same time. It took at least a minute to download, even with=20
my broadband connection. I tried the MP3 but it was taking too long, or=20
wasn't coming at all, I don't know which, so I don't know how much=20
better than the Quicktime the MP3 sound might have been if I'd waited=20


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