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updated mon 20 oct 03


Helen Bates on sun 19 oct 03

France - October 19th., 2003

Surfing with Helen Bates - Other European sites - October 19th., 2003

-- Freeforms Mid Century Ceramics and Glass (European) (Gallery 215) (Ne=
York, NY, USA)

Proprieters David and Patricia Mann (Gallery 215)

-- Potsherd - Roman pottery

Click on "All wares"

Amphora types according to Dressel

Line drawings of Dressel categories of amphoras

-- Ancient Dacian ceramic artefacts (Bulgaria and Romania)

The cucutenian artefacts from Scanteia, near Iasi, NE Romania

The zig-zag pieces are from several locations of the ancient Dacian (or=20
Thracian) culture.

(From the book "The Way to Kogaionon" by Andrei Vartic)
These links are culled from a mainly Romanian-language site hosted in=20
New York.
(Found during a Google* search for "pottery" in "Bulgaria") An=20
interesting find!

-- Macedonian Prehistoric Vessels

(Image Gallery from the Macedonian Government sponsored "Macedonia=20
Cultural Heritage" site)

Two more from France...

-- Koenig, Yvan (Mosaique Gerbino) (eMosaique) (Vallauris, Provence,=20

Koenig starts his mosaic with different rectangular blocks of clay, each=20
about three feet high. Some are naturally colored, due to the rich=20
variety of minerals in the soil of Provence, while to some the artist=20
has added minerals, which will then change the color of the clay in the
firing process. He is the last member of the Gerbino pottery family in=20
Vallauris, and has now retired.)

-- Hand Crafted Proven=E7al Arts and Crafts (eMosaique) (USA and France)
(French and English)
Ceramic Artisans represented:
T comme Terre; Fleur de Terre; V=E9ronique Pichon; Anne-Carole Avignon;=20
Ampholia; Le Ch=EAne Vert; Mosa=EFque Gerbino; Alain Prat.


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