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surfing with helen bates - england and scotland #1 - october 21st.,

updated wed 22 oct 03


Helen Bates on tue 21 oct 03


Surfing with Helen Bates - England and Scotland #1 - October 21st., 2003

-- Artisan - The Edinburgh Festival of Contemporary Crafts (Edinburgh,
Scotland, UK)
Artisan is a "prestige" selling exhibition of contemporary craft held in
August during the annual Edinburgh Festival.
Ceramics Exhibitors:

The work in this show ranges from good to top quality design and
execution. Mainly vessels, functional or sculptural, and a few
non-vessel sculptural pieces. The exhibitors are from all parts of
Great Britain: Gwen Bainbridge Ceramics - Sugar Towers; Charlotte
Cadzow - Three Zebra Guardian Jars; Kerry Cox - Small Pilmets, Tall
Vessels with Stopper; Ken Eardley - Lady Dog Lover, Bottle Vases;
Earthform Ceramics - Stoneware Vessel; Lisa Ellul Ceramics - Spiral
Porcelain; Lorna Fraser - Ceramic Casket with Lustre Decoration; Brendan
Hesmondhalgh - Terriers, Hare; Emma Grove Ceramics - Teaset; Peter Jones
- Landscape 3 Vase Set; Will Levi Marshall - Bowl; Lisa Marklew Ceramics
- Salt & Pepper Dishes; Jeremy Nichols - Lidded Pourer; Philomena
Pretsell - Hand-built Decal; Tim Proud - Raku Jars; Jacqui Ramrayka -
Crater Glazed Bowls; Lara Scobie - Porcelain Vessel; Hortense Suleyman -
Handbowls and Goblet; Fiona Thompson - Cylindrical Vessels; Rachel
Urbicki - Vessels with Cow Parsley Image; Tone Von Krogh Ceramics - Boat
Shaped Dish; Andrew Weatherhead - Jug; Jane Woodford - Blue Lustre Bowl;
Patty Wouters - Sphere; Maggie Zerafa - Bowls;

--Leeds Craft Centre & Design Gallery (Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK)

A quality site with current and archived ceramics exhibitons.
Current Ceramic Showcase:
Louise Gibb's - "Kitchen Conversations", domestic ceramics inspired by
kitchen utensils.
Archived exhibitions:
Nicola Contreras - Coiled porcelain vessels; Joanna Sancha - Hand built
stoneware pots; Mugs as Celebratory Vessels (shown are Victoria Bryan,
and Rebecca Harvey); Hortense Suleyman - Porcelain vessels; Elisabeth
Ryan - Textural ceramic vessels; Sheila Boyce - Burnished and smoke
fired forms; Hanne Westergaard - Ceramic vessels reflecting some of the
harmony in nature; Victoria & Michael Eden - A cheerful range of
domestic pots; Wendy Lawrence - Vessels concerned with purity of form;
Lorraine Ditchburn - textured, slip cast porcelain vessels and bowls.

-- Burleigh Ware (Burselm, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, UK)

English earthenware with decoration produced by an 80 year old roller
printing press in the company's "model" Victorian Factory: Middleport
Pottery in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.

-- George Henry Grundy (Derby, England, UK)
(Victorian tile maker and decorator) (Photo Decorated Tiles)

Grundy received a British patent in 1896 for "The decoration of tiles,
and other flat surfaced articles of ceramic ware, (consisting of) a
direct mode of printing by the photo-collographic process without the
use of transfers." The page links to Michael Swann's "WWW Tile Image
Gallery." There are no images of Grundy tiles, :-(.


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