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wash for stoneware?

updated wed 22 oct 03


Jonathan Kirkendall on tue 21 oct 03

Good morning everyone,

I=B9m going to be making some large bowls with a slip design and clear glaze
on the inside. The clay I=B9m using is my recycled clay, 1/2 Campbell=B9s bric=
red and 1/2 Highpoint Phoenix. It has a very nice warm look to it. I want
to leave the outside unglazed, but want something on the surface of the
outside that might warm it up a tad more and give it a low sheen. Thinkin=
maybe a weak wash of soda ash and red art? soda spar and alberta slip?
Soak some unwashed ash and use the water? I=B9m not looking for a fake
reduction or fake wood firing look, just something that will add a bit more
interest. I=B9m going to be running some tests this week, but wondered if
anyone had any suggestions.

Jonathan in DC
Just made the bed and as I type this I can hear Bailey the dog stretching
and turning on top of it, unmaking it.