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davies, terry (certaldo, florence, tuscany, italy) (born shrewsbury,

updated sat 25 oct 03


Helen Bates on fri 24 oct 03

Shropshire, England, UK)

Terry Davies (Certaldo,in Tuscany, near Florence, Italy)

(Born Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, UK) Davies started age 11 to
learn to throw. He was a production potter through the 80's, and has
travelled and worked world-wide. He presently makes mainly of
"one-off" pieces, of salt (soda) glazed stoneware. I would say that the
quality of his work is very good evidence that artistic individualism,
risk-taking, and independence of mind can as easily develop in a
production pottery, with the right encouragement, as elsewhere.
The Terry Davies site has a flash section that is interesting though
"flashy", so to speak, if the user has the computer savvy, the hardware,
and the software resources to view it (grin). Also, for the Flash pages,
it's a good idea to enlarge your monitor's "desktop" size to 1024 x 768
before you start, because these particular pages are sized very large.
The HTML part of Davies's site is just fine, except you'll need to
remember to close the pop-up windows for each pot you enlarge, or
additional ones will be generated for each call on a thumbnail image.

By the way, when Marta Gloviczki sent me the links to the Terry Davies
and Giovanni Cimatti urls that she had earlier sent to Clayart, I
realized that I had seen the latter's work before, and liked it, but I
hadnever posted about it. Maybe I never bookmarked it. (I could have
had a browser freeze-up at the time.)

Cimatti's site is: .

Thanks, Marta...


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