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surfing with helen bates - uk sites - october 24th., 2003

updated sat 25 oct 03


Helen Bates on fri 24 oct 03

Surfing with Helen Bates - UK sites - October 24th., 2003

Jim Robison (Booth House Gallery) (Huddersfield, England, UK)
(Born and Raised in Missouri, USA)
Primary focus is the creation of ceramics with sculptural and
architectural applications. Often slab-ware vessels, which are
individual pieces and sculpture commissions. Author of "Large Scale
Ceramics" (A & C Black). He gives week long summer courses in the UK,
with accommodation provided. (The emphasis is on personal development
and therefore suitable for a wide range of abilities.) Exhibits at his
own gallery (with guests) and in the USA> His decorated slab built
pieces range from large to very large.

-- Stoke-on-Trent - The Potteries Org (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire,
England, UK)

Another extensive site about the potteries of Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Listings under:
A-Z of potters; Manufacturers marks; Types of pottery; How it's made;
Famous Potters; Features;
Locate & Value; Potworks; Addresses; and links to other S-O-T sites. (I
have posted a couple myself, but I'll leave you to explore.)

-- "Ceramic Contemporaries" (NACHE and the V&A Museum (London, England,

Triennial exhibition organised and run as a national competition for
students and recent graduates by the "National Association for Ceramics
in Higher Education" in the UK and Northern Ireland (NACHE), and the
Victoria and Albert Museum, London. (Locations various throughout the
UK and NI)

-- Brian Sutherland (1929-1998) (Canterbury, Kent, England, UK)

(Developer of Tribase, an early glaze calculation program)
Sutherland did extensive and original glaze research and published a
book: "Glazes From Natural Sources" (1988). He developed a glaze
analysis software program, "Tribase." Sutherland's family has made an
online tutorial available, the "Follow Me" Manual, to help with using
the Tribase program. "Dig That Glaze", an article about his glaze
making is also readable online. It includes a couple of graphs of line
blends. It was originally printed in Ceramic Review:
. (Photocopies of these articles may be
ordered online from CR (payment by cheque only.) (Note that since
Tribase is a "DOS" program, it may not work in modern "Windows"
environments.) See also the extensive retrospective of Sutherland's
work, which is generally quiet and understated, and in the Leach /
Hamada / British Arts and Crafts tradition.

-- Craig Underhill (Birmingham, England, UK)
(Number Nine The Gallery)

(Dream Gallery)

Underhill makes clay sculpture, vessel based, altered monumental looking
forms with cuts amd additions, and almost a monochromatic application of

-- Christopher Green (Seagreen Services) "Studio Ceramics in Britain" (UK)

Alternate site for:

and home of the "Glaze Calculator":

by Christopher Green

Specialty is Porcelain Plates and Bowls.

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