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problem children: bunbun and mal-colm

updated mon 27 oct 03


Lori Leary on sun 26 oct 03

You know, I am pretty fed up with our two Problem Children. I have
been on this list for a long time, since the beginning, almost. It is
only recently that we have had a few newcomers that decided that this is
a forum in which to be disruptive and stir up as much negativity and
ill-feelings as possible. I feel protective of Clayart, and I really
hate seeing the list abused by self-righteous MALcontents and. The
information available, the humour, the social interaction, the
agreements AND disagreements are just parts of what makes Clayart such
a wonderful thing. Our two Problem Kids remind me of the bullies that
hang on the fringes of civilized society. Perhaps because of their own
unhappiness, or perhaps because of their poor social skills, the only
way they can interact with others is in a mean-spirited, angry and rude
manner. Our two Problem Children don't have a clue about why they
seem so abrasive and grating to others on this list, and I suspect that
even if they did, they wouldn't change a thing.

I can use the delete button as well as anyone else, and I do. But I
surely am tired of weenies who have jumped on the Clayart bandwagon and
feel they can make things unpleasant for others because they have a
right to 'free speech'. Is this how you two act in public? Or does
being able to hide behind your keyboard make you feel brave?

By the way, I would be honored to own a piece of Marta's fabulous work.
There is ALWAYS room for innovative and exciting work like hers. AND
I am always glad to read any of Primalmommie's deft and on-the-money
writing...she rocks!

So flame away..... or delete, whatever...
Lori L.

Q: Do you know what a weenie is?
A: A prick you don't have to take seriously.

Lois Ruben Aronow on sun 26 oct 03

I appreciate Malcolm's passion and often articulate posts, even when
he does put his foot in his mouth and pull out a whopper.

Bunny, on the other hand, is a troll. A google search turned up
information that she is a card carrying union member and sound
engineer, with a long list of motion picture credits to her name.
Names, actually. Several email addresses, all of them anonymous, as
is the host for her web sites. Email me off-list if and I'll send you
the links. I'd rather not continue to hash this one out. The link to
her pottery web site is listed under "Look what I do in my spare


Lois Ruben Aronow
Modern Porcelain and Tableware

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