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updated tue 28 oct 03


Sandy Miller on mon 27 oct 03

The ash glazes I posted earlier are all ^6 oxidation. I haven't tried =
them in reduction but sure would give them a try. The ash I use comes =
right out of our woodstove. Mixed woods, we burn slab wood from a =
sawmill which we get for $12.00 a bundle (4 bundles fit on a dump truck) =
it's mixed and has quite a bit of bark on it. Have used locust, beech, =
maple and oak in the past and even a bit of willow sneaks in from time =
to time. I don't wash it but I do run it through an 80 mesh screen. In =
the morning before we stoke up the stove I scrape all the powderery =
white ash of coals (the really fluffy stuff) and keep that as the best =
for glazes. Good luck.
Sandy Miller