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updated tue 28 oct 03


mel jacobson on mon 27 oct 03

it is rather easy to drill new holes in worn
plastic batts. or wood, or masonite.

i stack them in sets of 5. tape them together
and place a like new batt on top, tape it down
too. then drill new holes through the good one
on down the 5. make sure your drill motor
is vertical. works like a charm.

some of the batts at the high school had 4 sets
of holes.
we marked the best one with a code.
box cutter slash.

i am using some batts that are at least thirty years old.
still make pots....never throw good batts away.
re/cycle the holes.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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Gail Phillips on mon 27 oct 03

I found that if the wingnuts under the bat pins were loose (or not there), I
would get that wobble, too.

- Gail Phillips