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fwd: ash using clay artist

updated tue 28 oct 03


mel jacobson on mon 27 oct 03

>Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 13:46:30 -0600
>From: Kathy Chamberlin
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>Subject: ash using clay artist
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>hi Mel, am just responding to your request of ash using clay artists. i
>have been using a mix of Pinon tree ash and some scrub oak. both
>indigenous here in colorado. i have been so excited and elated with the
>results for years. mostly using ash that i have taken from my wood stoves
>and wash very thoroughly and completely dry out to a debris free dust. i
>sieve it over(for a darker black result) or i just take pinches over
>shinos, crystal yellows, and ash glazes. it is my magic dust powder.
>beautiful and glass's up, especially cosmic when captured inside a bowl or
>plates tightly packed between kiln shelves. am now doing experiments with
>equisetum arvense or horsetail. which contains up to 70% silica. this
>plentiful plant in colorado was used by the pioneers and miners to scrub
>pots and pans because of it's abrasive and fibrous nature.
>thank you again for your time.
>kathy chamberlin
>aspen colorado
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