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ash glazes,

updated wed 29 oct 03


Ababi on tue 28 oct 03

Good morning Sandy
There are two reasons to use ash in glaze.
1) Because it is a low cost material.
If you know it's analysis, you can use it like it was any other

2) Because of the astonishing glazes you can make using wood ash.
Mark Isenberg is using a wood kiln. Mark fires to ^10 or higher, almost
everything is melting that high.
In order to have a similar effect in ^6 you need the 5% lithium; you
need low alumina and silica. I came to this conclusion after my 50 or so
tests on this subject
My ash glaze I pour quits thick.

I do not need John to tell me that it is not foodsafe. So are you.
I will add a few words on the recipes:
Runny Ash ^6
Gert. Borate 14.0%
Lithium Carb 5.0
Whiting 19.0
Wood Ash 19.0
Alberta Slip 34%
ASP 400 or 9.0
georgia kaolin

Why not 38 ash and not at all whiting?

Leach Yellow Seto ^6
Wood Ash 50%
Ochre 25%
Custer 25%
It is a weird glaze I tested it twice with bad results.

Now try this

40 your ash
40your soil
20 Laguna borate or GB

Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel

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Hi John,
I was skimming the digest form of clayart this morning and saw your
post. I am sending you some glazes at ^6 I have used with good success.
The runny tan ash formula I use the most as goes well over a nice off
white satin matt. Have only used these on decorative and never used
them on functional, as I don't do too much functional.