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fashion statements in the studio

updated wed 29 oct 03


mitzi on mon 27 oct 03

My favorite garb is an old t-shirt with the logo "Kielar's Klay Chuckers.."
It was "designed" by my senior homeroom class for our annual senior softball
tournament. The slogan was thought up by the kid who was most responsible
for all the tiny blobs of clay on the ceiling of the art room.
retired and loving it, but I do miss the kids.

Laurie Kneppel on tue 28 oct 03

I like baggy sweats or shorts (depending on the season) and my favorite
Feats of Clay XIII t-shirt covered with a basic grocery store produce
clerk's green apron. It's just wide enough to cover my legs and has
pockets. Like to wear sandals except when I'm trimming. Never fails a
little ribbon of clay will get stuck between my toes and bug me!

Sacramento, CA