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regarding plastic bats

updated wed 29 oct 03


Leland G. Hall on mon 27 oct 03

I have hydrabats, masonite bats, wooden bats, etc.

If/when the holes of my plastic bats (3/8" thick plexiglass, home made) get
worn and sloppy, I heat the hole carefully (gently, takes some
experimentation to find out how much) with a bic lighter, untill it becomes
a bit soft and pliable, then gently tap tap with a small ball peen hammer,
using the ball end. This deforms the hot, soft plastic back into a nice
tight fit on the batt pin. Works for me with my home made plexiglass

My next bats will be home made hardiboard, and being familiar with the
product as a construction material, I expect them to be my best performing
bats. We'll see.

Hope this helps someone.


Leland Hall

Before The Wheel Pottery
Raku Pottery, Sculpture and "Non Tongs"
La Pine, OR