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ostrom clear (cone 04 glaze)

updated sun 2 nov 03


Helen Bates on sat 1 nov 03

A search of the "Clay Times" Index shows that the glaze is mentioned
in the March / April issue, page 17.

Walter Ostrom's Clear 04 Glaze, 2000 Mar/Apr:17
Clay Times web site:

To navigate from there to the above url click on "Reference Section",
"Comprehensive", then on "W" (for Walter Ostrom) then use your browser's
"Find" or "Search" tool to search for the article.
("04" "Walter" or "Ostrom" will work.)

While at the Clay Times web site, look here:
"SlurryBucket" tips for potters

I recently wrote about web sites with tips for potters. If I had
found this one during my research (ahhh, I'm not perfect... ), I
would definitely have included it, although the only the titles and
one line descriptions are available online.