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old kiln (applying kiln wash)

updated tue 4 nov 03


Arnold Howard on mon 3 nov 03

You should apply kiln wash to the kiln bottom as well as to the kiln
shelves. Make sure not to splash kiln wash onto an element or the kiln
walls. The kiln wash ruins elements.

Apply the kiln wash to only one side of the shelves. Otherwise the kiln
wash could flake off onto the ware under each shelf.

Use three thin coats of kiln wash instead of one thick coat. Change the
direction of each coat. There is a tendency to apply too much kiln wash,
because while the shelf is wet, it appears that there is no kiln wash on
the shelf. Also, stir the kiln wash in its container frequently. The
kiln wash settles to the bottom.

Remove the kiln wash drippings from the edges of the shelves. Otherwise
the kiln wash could flake off the edges and onto either ware below or
into an element groove.

I would mix the kiln wash powder outside to avoid dust. However, once
it's mixed, you can apply it in your garage.


Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, L.P.

From: "Patricia Voellinger"
> I thought I would vacuum the inside of the kiln, apply kiln wash to
> shelves (should I do only one side, or both? can I do this in my
> garage? I wonder what temp. it needs to be to have these dry?) and
> dive in.