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first studio, was subdued raku/engobes

updated thu 6 nov 03


Mert & Holly Kilpatrick on wed 5 nov 03

Snail wrote:
>My first 'real studio' was a one-car shed-garage
> with no electricity, no water, no windows, no insulation
> or heat. I ran extension cord end-to-end from the window
> of the house across the yard, to plug in some clamp
> lamps. Still transporting work to wherever someone would
> rent me firing space. Later, I found a beater kiln at an
> estate sale for $75.

I think of Kelly in her closet - my first clayworking area (can't call it a
studio!) was a pantry in the little mobile home we lived in while building
our house. It was off the kitchen of the trailer, maybe 4 x 6 feet, and I
put in some sort of counter on boxes and shared it with the cans of soup.

Then when our house was built, there really wasn't a place for clay, it is a
small house. Since it is a solar house built on a slab, there is only a
"basement" under one corner, for the pipes and hot water heater, about 8 x
16 ft and only 6ft high. In there we stuffed shelves, two work tables, a
used electric kiln, and various other stuff, and shared it with the
utilities and miscellaneous storage for several years.

Now we have a beautiful separate building, true luxury!

East Bangor, PA