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updated fri 7 nov 03


Ralf Burger on wed 5 nov 03

I am a potter from Germany. I will go to the NCECA next Year in Indianapolis. To show the activities of kalkspatz e.V. there
(, and to get in contact to other people "infected" with clay, for I organize the seminars of kalkspatz in Germany.

For I never been to the states before I think it might be a nice thing to have some time for travelling afterwards. So I would like
to ask the people here in the clayart-list, if someone can suggest some places to go (pottery as well as normal tourism), also some
suggestions about a good and not too expansive way of getting around.

Thanks to all helping hints

Barbara Brown on thu 6 nov 03

Hi Ralf,
One of the most inexpensive ways to travel is to join the Studio Potter
Network Bed and Breakfast program and stay with potters all over the
world. For more information contact Robert Crompton who hosts the
program for Studio Potter Network email:
Do you belong to a German potters group that belongs to a Studio Potter
Network Group? If not you could join Independent Potters United. Get
information about how to do this by emailing Annie Carlsson
I am a member of Assoc of Clay and Glass Artists of Calif (ACGA) and our
group belongs to the SP network and about 5 or 6 of our members belong
to the bed and breakfast program. I have an open house for potters
visiting the San Francisco area to come stay a day or two and I will
give them a potters tour of SF.

Barbara Brown phone/fax 408-736-3889
1225 Manzano Way,Sunnyvale,Ca. 94089