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i am a potter from germany

updated fri 7 nov 03


Ababi on thu 6 nov 03

Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel

Hello Ralf
I am a potter from Israel
Perhaps you can help me?
In my crystal base I use a material called G.R.T. of Fuch-Ton. It is a
low fire casting slip.
Lately Fuch Ton changed the material into a yellow clay.
My supplier says it is the same material. When I bisqued the two
materials had different L.O.I. Adding it to a glaze had different color.
I never got the analysis of this material.
I decided to move to Creaton - body#120 with a real analysis.
However knowing the analysis of the old G.R.T. would save me the 20
tests I plan to do next week. May you help me?