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studios in boston?

updated sat 8 nov 03


Liza Haas on fri 7 nov 03


It looks like I will be moving to Boston within the next few weeks, I was
wondering if anyone knows of a working studio which may be either looking
for teachers, offering classes (to get into a studio, meet people, and work
with clay), apprenticeships or mabye a studio who may work out a work swap
for space type of arrangement.

The past five years my career took a sharp turn into commission painting and
faux finishing- unplanned- however I am taking the move as an opportunity to
get back on track. I have a solid background in clay and teaching which
needs attention and development! I also have experience working for a
production studio called "Sunset Canyon Pottery" they are better known as
"Clarksville Pottery" (based in Austin, Tx)

If anyone knows of studios which I should investigate or people I could
contact please let me know! If you want to know more about me before you
offer any advice I would be happy to let you know. I dont want to clog up
the thred with any more resume style info than is already inherent in this

Hope all is well with you and yours,

Liza Haas