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not the chosen artist and ....the young english maiden!

updated sun 9 nov 03


Ababi on sat 8 nov 03

Good mooring evening night ClayArters.

Last year an elder woman from my reign with ceramics sculpturing
background came to learn ceramics in my studio.=20

She explained me that she could effort it because she got a scholarship
from our regional council.

"I am very proud" She said once "That I was recognized as an artist".=20
"By whom" I asked her.
"By the regional council" She said.
The respected judges all three of them are very nice and honest people
however no one of them is an artist.
I decided not to ask for their scholarship because I did not want any
respected person to decide for me if had been an artist or not.=20
I get many compliments from you all over the clay-glob.


After teaching three regional classes last year I thought they might
heard who I was and would help me to buy an old computer to my studio in
order to teach better.
I applied and waited for a visit=85
The hardest part was to keep the studio clean=85
I was very hurt that I did not get a letter that I did not "win" but saw
it in their WWW page mistake they said. I was more hurt that the honored
judges could not visit the candidates.
I was even more hurt that the Clerk censored my booklet- the one I had
made for my students and removed the "none Ababi parts" these part that
were removed "the cost of the ink" (I was dumb to let her do it!) In
the booklet were pictures of works of my students as well as works of
Christine Cox and Graham Hay. This booklet meant to show what paperclay
was and how people without any earlier clay-education achieved excellent
results- in the same time showing that this is a unique new world-wide
direction in pottery.
I told them I wanted a computer in order to be able to teach better my
students, mainly how to use ceramic software.
"if you want a scholarship work for it!" She wrote me last week!

A good friend said it might be too difficult for them to understand the
uniqueness of my work. Perhaps it looks capricious to ask for a
computer: After all what does have to be a computer in the potter's
If I had been asking for wheels, A catalog, or a slab roller? I might
"win" an encouragement prize but mixing toilet paper into clay?
Computer? Must be too capricious!=20

I believe I will have an old computer, sooner than I thought- The only
harmful thing that happened as a result of loosing my temper was sending
the clayarter to see (over the sea) the valleys and mountains of the
young English maidens.=20

Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel