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drinking in the studio

updated tue 11 nov 03


Stephani Stephenson on mon 10 nov 03

Jeff wrote:
Once I started actually making pots I realized, "Oh yeah,
this is WHAT I like
to do." When I started looking around at my work and
realized how much I LIKE
POTS I realized, Oh yeah, this is WHY I like to do it! The
solution is making pots and BEING a potter.
man-o-man! Was the solution really that simple all this
time? Again, man-o-man!

HI Jeff
yippeee wahoo for you! Setting aside the question of
'simple' or not...
it is wonderful when something becomes clear.
funny how the nostalgic image of sitting at the studio at
the end of the day
tipping a wine glass, a cold brew, or inhaling something
turns into chasing it every day, or taking the romantic sip,
and then all activity stops there.

I have seen a lot of friends live it, deal with it, etc. and
I am myself not unfamiliar with the territory
With each decade you see changes in yourself and others and
how you cope with those changes
to me it becomes about choosing vitality and life.
sometimes what starts as feelings of being overwhelmed,
overworked, overwrought
and 'taking the edge off' that
"I have only so much time and energy, here, in this day, in
this hour, in this life"
"I love what I do, I love life, so I owe it to my (insert
life, work, family, whatever matters to you)
to be present, to be clear as I can , to fully

I have days where I am pooped, where things take too long,
where I get distracted.
I need to rest and regroup at the end of every day, but
this is life, life, life
For me too, taking the 'edge 'off is pretty much synonymous
'dulling my ability' and 'obscuring' whatever it is I have
to do.
Not drinking not only helps my focus , dexterity and
it also helps my emotional approach and resilience
and my attitude toward whatever challenges or projects I
am facing.

I am also very grateful that I saw a choice and
made a choice. It doesn't solve the problems, just helps
you to be in a better position to
work on them.
For me it is nothing to crow about, it is just how it is,
I sense that you are kicking up your heels for the same
you go, Jeff!!!

best wishes
Stephani Stephenson