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rice ash composition.

updated tue 11 nov 03


iandol on mon 10 nov 03

Dear Friends,
Recently there was an inquiry about the composition of Rice Ash.
The following was published in "Tile and Brick International'" 4/2003, =
p258 in an article by Dr. S. H. Tantawi of the Building Research =
Institute, Cairo, Egypt.
Rice Husk Ash. (RHS)
SiO2 86.90, Al2O3 0,10, Fe203 0.03, CaO 3.20, MgO 2.60, Na2O 0.16, K2O =
1.80, SO3 0.80, LOI 4.50.=20
I hope this is of use to those who are interested in such topics.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia