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how to be in the 2005 calendar

updated thu 13 nov 03


Lisa Skeen on wed 12 nov 03

Now that folks are receiving their 2004 Clay Lover's Calendars, I'm getting questions on how to get in NEXT year's calendars. Here's what I need, and why:

Image scanned at 350dpi or better, because higher density images make for better printed images.

Saved as TIF for PC because that's the file type that printers like to use, and because I don't have a Mac.

in CMYK color because that's what printers use - RGB is for computer viewing.

on a CD/RW because this year I discovered that information on a CDR is not necessarily transferrable from computer to computer. Some files I couldn't open this year and the Computer Guru folks suspect that may be one reason. Go fig.

Naked pots are welcome, but no naked potters, please. ;) (this is a kid-friendly calendar).

If the image is horizontal, it must have a printable image size of 9x12". If vertical, 8x6". This is because I like to have the images as large as possible, and all horizontal images are eligible for the cover shot. If you send a file too small, I can't stretch it if I need to without losing image quality, but too-large images can be manipulated.

One more note on images: I can't use a lot of dead space around the pots, because I want as many images in the calendar, as large as I can get them and still look good. If you can, crop your image to about 1/2" space on all sides. I'll do it if you can't, so don't sweat that one too much.

Include a word document with title, size, year made, firing info and how it was made (handbuilt, thrown), plus what information you'd like to have on the artist's contact page.

Email me offlist for address, because this list is open to the world.

Deadline is March 1 2004, so you can have them in before NCECA! :)

Send SASE if you want your disk back.

Got questions? Lemme know. A very generous clayart person has volunteered to scan photos for folks who don't have that capability themselves. Contact me for information. You should be able to get slides scanned (or photos too) for a reasonable price at your local photo store (not WalMart; an actual place that sells cameras and film and photo supplies).


L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Pottery
Summerfield, NC