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updated sat 15 nov 03


Joyce Lee on fri 14 nov 03

I, too, use sheetrock for drying tiles in layers.
I also turn them from time to time as John

However, I don't think the rough
edges of the sheetrock have been mentioned.
In time the edges become crumbly, wear away
and can wind up in/on the tiles. To avoid
this ...... and my sheetrock has been in use
for about five years now without replacement
.... #1 Support Person
applied duct tape to the edges. Works fine.

In the Mojave learning a lot about walkers,
wheelchairs, ramps and scooters .... there's a world
of convenient and innovative equipment out
there now that was only cumbersome and
disheartening when my mom was sick. I'm
grateful that the new wonders are there for
#1 SP ...... I'm discovering that the lessons I'm
learning..... and Need to Learn..... are not
necessarily the ones I anticipated when this
journey began.... and that the new folks in
my life are just as wonderful as the old ones
are..... Rick, the Cactus Lady's son, has=20
driven way out of his way going to another market
in order to rescue some succulents that he
feared were getting a Cold Shock before they'd
settled in. I didn't ask. Didn't tell him. He
did it on his own though it was after dark when
he came through here. Didn't want to
disturb us. Later saw him at clinic where he
arrived unexpectedly at the Perfect Moment
and helped load #1 into car. Remember when
I trusted the Cactus Lady (like a fool,=20
admittedly) with my Too Much Money I grit
my teeth as I mention the figure ... $400..... no
receipt, no name, no company name, nada.....
that one sure worked out in my favor, with
interest...... in many ways.