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workshops in naked raku w/ wally asselberghs

updated mon 17 nov 03


Barbara Kobler on sun 16 nov 03

Good afternoon. As always I glean much information from you guys and today I am posting info on workshops the naked raku artist and moderator of The Naked Raku group will be giving in April. I will be hosting the ones in Tucson and am organizing this trip for him. We are quite excited about him coming over from Brussels to do them, and he is also excited to see the southwest. Maybe some clayarters will also like to enjoy our nice weather in April and join in the fun.

Flemish Naked Raku Artist and Moderator of The Naked Raku Yahoo Group, Wally Asselberghs will conduct workshops on his slip/glaze resist method to create naked raku.

DATES: April 16-21 in TUCSON and Apr 23-25 in PHOENIX/MESA.
He provides a fun supportive environment where participants learn how to make and apply his special slip/glaze resist method to 3-5 of their own bisque pieces and raku fire. An article in the Jul-Aug 2003 Clay Times Magazine describes a workshop he conducted at the Riggs’ Studio in North Carolina last April.

LENGTH & FEE: The workshops are one day but can be expanded into two days. The one day workshop fee is $100 and $160 for 2 days. There is a discount for naked raku group and Arizona clay association members.

For information email: "26?"
Wally‘s website: ""
Wally’s email: "26?"
Wally’s Naked Raku group website: ""

Barbara Kobler