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giffen grips, tapping

updated tue 18 nov 03


Laurie on mon 17 nov 03

I just recently learned to tap to center. I always did it with my
fingertip and nudging the pot to the center. But tapping came easily
and is very fast, especially since I'm not afraid to hit a pot while
it's spinning on the wheel and I've seen people who were maybe a little
too "gentle" with their taps and the pot never moved for them.

That said, I also have a Giffin Grip and find it very useful for
trimming large runs of same-sized bowls and/or mugs. Once I get the
right length arms set up it's just a matter of putting the piece on the
wheel, spinning it snug, trimming and then easy removal. For me, it
speeds up my trimming time a lot!

Sacramento, CA