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updated wed 19 nov 03


mel jacobson on tue 18 nov 03

there is no argument.

all potters should tap center. learn it, use it.
it is a great time saver, and helps you every day.
i know i can dampen a rim, tap center on a plastic
batt, and have the pot trimmed and a second one in
place while some other person is looking for the pins
for the giffen. we could never have one at hhs ...the
pins would be under the wheels, in the clay bucket...whatever.
kevin caufield uses his giffen all the time. he is used to it.
has it ready, and makes tall teapots and bottles that need
that sort of trimming capacity. for him, a great tool.
for me. no need. i use clay chucks. it is what i need
and am used to.

if you need the giffen, if you like the giffen, use it.
no one cares. it is yours.

like all tools, you will pick the one's that fit, and
those will be used all the time.
the others sit on the shelf waiting their turn. it
never comes. garage sale material. unused tools are the
saddest things. they just sit there and rust. no one cares for them.
i really like phil's bison tools. i use them all the time.
i get some chatter marks that i just love. it takes a bit
of practice, and the leather hard as to be perfect...but, when
it happens...heaven.
glad i paid the price.
why is it, when you want a brush, and there are six
that are almost the same, you always pick the same one.
time after time?
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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Bonnie Staffel on tue 18 nov 03

mel jacobson

>unused tools are the
>saddest things. they just sit there and rust. no one cares for them.

Thanks, mel, for that observation. My best friend passed away suddenly a
couple of years ago. She and I started out in clay together and both of us
had successful careers in our own direction. Her husband offered her tools
and equipment for sale. Another old friend and I purchased them and use
them in honor of her and in remembrance as we use them. We have such a
history together and sometimes feel that her voice is guiding us through
some tough times. I want to thank Floy Shaffer, of Bowling Green, Ohio, for
her 50 years of support and friendship. The use of her tools is a

Thanks for listening.

Bonnie Staffel, Charlevoix, MI.