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updated thu 20 nov 03


Lee Burningham (Box Elder High School) on tue 18 nov 03


20+ glazes gets the basic glazes for the ^10 reduction kiln at Box Elder
High School in Brigham City, Utah. Then there are the raku glazes, and
the salt glazes and slips. Then you add the wood fire glazes and slips
as well as the saggar goodies, not to mention the pit fire stuff. Only
three of the basic high fire glazes are purchased commercially. The rest
have been developed from various recipes and work the students have done
in glaze workshops like the one that Dave Finkelnberg put on a couple of
weeks ago for the benefit of my students.

Speaking of glaze workshops.......

We have a true diamond in the rough who regularly posts on Clayart. Dave
Finkelnberg is that diamond. He's better than a diamond, more valuable
as a glaze and firing resource than you all realize. I consider him
right up there with Ron Roy and John Hesselberth. His are the only posts
that I won't ever delete until I have milked them for all the
information I can possibly dig out of them. The only significant
difference is that Dave hasn't published a book, yet. He should.

Dave should be doing workshops all over the country to share the
encyclopedic knowledge he has accumulated and is willing to share. My
students enjoyed his wit and wisdom last spring and could hardly wait to
get him back here again this fall. It takes a special man with an
excellent and exciting presentation to get and keep the attention of 20
high school kids all day Friday and again on a Saturday when they have
to give up their own free time.

Catch me and my students at NCECA in Indianapolis in March. Ask them the
same questions you have asked of the Clayart group. See what they have
to say. Plans are in the works to have them do a presentation at the
K-12 Slide show on Friday of the conference. They'll tell you all about
clay, glazes, the program at Box Elder, and the ogre that mercilessly
drives them into playing in the clay at every opportunity.

Lee Burningham (the Ogre)
Box Elder High School
Brigham City, Utah