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legacy of tools was tapcenter/giffen

updated thu 20 nov 03


Glenn Allenspach on wed 19 nov 03

Bonnie Staffel wrote:

couple of years ago. She and I started out in clay together and both of us

had successful careers in our own direction. Her husband offered her tools

and equipment for sale. Another old friend and I purchased them and use

them in honor of her and in remembrance as we use them....The use of her
tools is a


I have the honor of inheriting some (non-potters') tools, wrenches, a drill
press and such that belonged to my wife's grandfather Russell, who was also our
neighbor and who, along with my wife's grandmother Agnes, we considered great
friends. Both are gone now, and we've moved on.

Most of the tools are a little bit dull of finish, from his 92 years of
living. Almost every one has a red spray-painted patch, so that, when he ever out a
tool, his neighbor would remember where to return it.

I pause to enjoy a memory of Russ & Agnes each time I pick up one of Russ's
tools. I look for his tools whenever I have a chance to use them. Makes for a
better job most of the time, as it helps me to slow down just a bit, relax, and

Of course, I still can't remember where I put the tools when I lay them back

From the edge of the marsh, where the studio renovation is nearly completed,
and I listened to the Canada Geese honk on by yesterday, and the neighbor's
rooster crows all day long.
Glenn Allenspach
East Bethel, MN USA