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pot mill vs. ball mill. do you mean a jar mill?

updated thu 27 nov 03


Graeme Anderson on wed 26 nov 03

Hi Janet,
A pot mill is a ball mill is a tumbler is a jar mill. All work on the same
principle. I have a triple decker jar mill (rarely use it !), which was
used in the paint industry to break up coarse material. Top rollers were
large enough to hold a 44 gal/200 litre drum. Same as a ball mill, for
grinding glazes. The tumbler is generally used in the lapidary industry,
for polishing semi-precious gemstones, with various grades of grit, and
polishes. There is the tumbler which revolves on the rollers, and there is
the vibrating tumbler, which is similar in motion to a vibratory sieve.

Cheers. Graeme.

Janet Kaiser on wed 26 nov 03

Is this "pot mill" a container of some description set up on
rotating rollers? If it is, it sounds like it could be a "jar
mill" to me...? At least that is what I know "small" rotating
set-ups with a lidded vessel (jar or container) to mill materials
or polish stones to be...

Or is this just applicable in the UK? Another instance of
speaking the same language, but divided by it? Whatever... It is
highly confusing for us English speakers, let alone those with
other mother tongues. A flour mill grinds grain and produces
flour, so a pot mill produces pot? And a ball mill produces...
Well, perhaps we better not go down that path... Bad enough
thinking of cremating cats in kilns...


Janet Kaiser - who may be a smoker, but still overly sensitive
when it comes to certain smells... The reason I could not
contemplate certain professions... Doctors, nurses, dentists,
morticians, laboratory technicians, chiropodists, butchers,


>What a coincidence, I just found out what this was the other
>Something of a letdown I have to confess.
>Potmill and ballmill are the same thing.

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