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clay softness test fo sp850 -chapel of art tiles

updated thu 27 nov 03


Bonnie/Jeremy Hellman on wed 26 nov 03

How about having them make 4" square tiles (finished size) decorated/carved
for Janet Kaiser's Chapel of Art in North Wales, UK where the Potters' Walk
is asking for more tiles? That's what I'm doing. All guests are being asked
to make several. The non-potters are finding this to be an enjoyable
experience, and several have already proclaimed, "Hey, this is fun!" People
also like the idea that their tile will join many thousands more in an
international venture.

See and click on Enter, choose the flag for the
language of your choice, Next, The Potters' Path, Technical Specifications
(for tile makers), and other windows to see other tiles, an explanation of
what Janet and her husband are doing, etc.

I've told our guests that the tiles will be mostly be seen at an average
distance of at least 5-6 feet so patterns work well, and their design
doesn't need to be elaborate or "perfect". I've offered them as much clay as
they want and encouraged them not to fuss with the tiles so they don't look

I'm really excited at the ones I've gotten so far, and more people are
coming to visit tomorrow, Turkey Day. I know I should not fall in love with
any ceramics until they come out of the glaze kiln, but so far they look
really nice, and everyone's is different.

It's a good way to spend time until the turkey is done. And a fun thing
to do for the holidays and year end.

Bonnie Hellman
Enjoying the last few days of a SW CO vacation with enough snow this week
for good cross country skiing

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Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 6:36 PM
Subject: Re: clay softness test fo SP850 (Kenzan Porcelain)

> Michael,
> Are your results from one test or
> the averages of multiple tests?
> My son-in-law will be here for the weekend.
> Need something to keep him occupied.
> I'll try and talk him into making up one of your
> testers. Ought to keep him busy for most of
> one day. Whew!!!!
> Earl...
> Bothell, WA, USA
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