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upcoming workshop :"tilemaking and the studio tile revival"

updated wed 3 dec 03


Stephani Stephenson on mon 1 dec 03

Hello All
I will be presenting a one day workshop, (jam packed fact and fun filled
of course!)
on Saturday, January 31, at Grossmont College.
The Ceramic Artists of San Diego are sponsoring this workshop
For more info, click on:

Also on this link is a picture of a new fountain I did which was
recently installed. It is always exciting to see these projects
completed and in the environment. The project was done with Theresa
Clark Landscape Design in San Clemente CA.

Also while I am at it, I want to continue to thank those CLAYARTERS who
have been sending pots and tiles and
sculptural work for the FIRE relief benefit sale this Saturday, DECEMBER
6, 10-4, at Alchemie Studio, 1111 Urania Ave. Encinitas CA.
I cannot express how thankful I am and how generous people have been,
especially during what has got to be the busiest time of year for everyone.
Nor could I have foreseen what a wonderful experience it would be to
receive and open the numerous friendly packages with all the lovely
labors of hand and heart,
and all in good condition.
Also I want to thank the local potters. Joyce James of Clay Associates
was just the latest to stop by the studio with a box of pots, Telise
Rodelv brought over an entire mounted tile mural. Lana Wilson, Patrick
Crabb, Cheryl Tall are donating work too. Jackson Gray, Lynn Zimmer,
Chris Henley, Jeremy Gercke, Laird Plumleigh and myself will also have
tables, as well as tables for the donated work.
I will be collecting work from The San Diego Potters Guild and Spanish
Village later in the week.

I think these packages are wonderful. I will do my best to get them to
good homes and raise a tidy sum for the artists who lost homes and
studios to the recent San Diego fires. (Also I have to mention that
artist James Hubbell, who lost his own beautiful home to the fire, is
himself donating a painting, which really bespeaks the man)
I am also still getting some packages from CLAYARTERS so you will hear
from me again.

best wishes
Stephani Stephenson