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rollin' rollin' rollin', keep them ball mills rollin'

updated fri 5 dec 03


Jan L. Peterson on wed 3 dec 03

OK, smarty. Good for you. Last ball mill I saw sported mini cannons for rock
bustin'. Jan, the Alleycat

Hendrix, Taylor J on wed 3 dec 03

Howdy all:

Well, mucho gracias to all and sundry folks as helped me when I
mentioned overhauling the school's ball mill. Sure enough David was
right. Them there bushings, not bearings. Got some gear oil and filled
em up. Nice and slick now. The rollers sport new coats of heater hose.
Got a batch of that local shale grinding right now. Some for me, some
for Mark. I will have to do the math and see if it would be worth
learning how to make a speed controller for the motor. Right now it's
one speed.

I'm going to test me some glazes, nee ner nee ner nee ner.

Taylor, in Waco