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updated fri 5 dec 03


Riggs on thu 4 dec 03

All this talk about lighting and the sounds of Christmas music made me
think about the coolest Christmas lighting we ever had.
When our daughter Riana was 16 she came up with the idea of a "black
light" Christmas tree.

She and I went out and bought all the glow-in-the -ark icycles, stars,
garlands etc. we could find. We found special paper that glowed
different colors in black light and cut up strips and swirls and put
them put in clear plastic ornaments. We bought various colors of
fluorescent paint and painted white Christmas balls.

When our masterpiece was done we turned off all the lights except for
the blacklight that we had removed from her bedroom and had it mounted
over the christmas tree. It was Awesome!!! Everything glowed like a
"blacklight poster." It was so surreal it almost looked like a cartoon.

Now that was a photography dilemma for an amateur photographer like me.
(point and click--that's me)
Definitely one Christmas tree that lives only in memory.