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misc: copper pots/expresso/ apology

updated sun 7 dec 03


lili krakowski on sat 6 dec 03

Yes, normally copper cooking pots are lined--in the old days, I think it =
was with tin. Zabaglione pots are round bottommed thick, unlined =
copper, used for beating eggwhites over hot water. The pot is unlined =
because some chemical egg-copper reaction makes the foam better. Today =
most people use cream of tartar in the whites for same effect.

Expresso is made by a process involving steam driven through the finely =
ground beans. A short black is a small cup of normal coffe, I think. =
As expresso is extremely bitter in taste it frequently is heavily =
sweetened. Many people turn it into a virtual syrup. Ergo, it is =
served in small cups.

Ron was very gallant when he commented that the frit recipe I listed =
some days ago, and said I had copied from a catalog, and kept in my =
notes, lacked the K20 and that catalogs can be wrong. Although that =
particular photocopy was made from the catalog of a long-departed =
supplier, there are current catalogs that list frit contents. Hence I =
must confess the error was mine, all mine, no one else is at fault. =
Thank you, Ron, nevertheless.