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brushing glazes

updated tue 9 dec 03


lili krakowski on mon 8 dec 03

Arthritis not scarceness of glaze long has forced me to apply glaze by =

Let me say first that I have read that Lucie Rie applied glaze with =
"cheap Woolworth brushes" and I use cheap brushes from the hardware =
store as well as costlier "mops" and Chinese brushes. (Yes I do buy =
Chinese goods when indeed they genuinely ARE Chinese ) However.

The best way to apply glazes by brush is to raw glaze on leather hard =

The next is to use clay rich glazes on damp bisque.

The next is to add bentonite and calcium chloride or Epsom salts to the =
glaze. Again: damp bisque.

Also add glycerine.

Unless you are working on leatherhard clay daub the glaze on rather than =
brush. =20

I often find that I virtually am "pouring" the glaze because the brush =
is so charged, and the pot properly damp.

Suggestion: gather up some scrap glaze, also some defective bisque, and =