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images of uk potters

updated wed 10 dec 03


chris cox on tue 9 dec 03

In message <002301c3bdea$e26d0ba0$c2a8ef42@net>, L. P. Skeen
>IMAGES, dammit, we want IMAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the years I have collected books of pots from around the world. I
buy these because the images excite and inspire me.

Ten years ago, Christine my wife and I started a ceramics festival in my
town because we wanted to make a big party where potters from all over
the UK and beyond would come together, drink beer, talk pots and sell
their work to the public. Since then up to 300 potters from ten
countries show their work every year at Potfest in Penrith, Cumbria [
the English Lake District ].

For me, over the years, the pots have become almost secondary. Potters
are the real treasure. I now find it's often not enough just to see the
work - I want to see who made it as well.

I'm still inspired by beautiful pots but seeing a face behind the work
makes it some how more human and achievable.

To celebrate the fact that Potfest is now ten years old we made a book
this year naming all 750 past exhibitors with about eighty colour pages
of some of them and their work.

Check it out on:

chris & geoff cox