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brushing glaze on/gum solution

updated fri 12 dec 03


Kat in the Hat on thu 11 dec 03


You can buy gum both in a "dry" powder and a liquid
solution. The liquid form is made by using approx. 30 grams
of dry gum to 1 litre of water. That would equal 0.3% dry
gum per 1 litre of water. Not much. In my last post I mentioned
using gum at 100% - That is if you buy it already pre-mixed with
water. If you are to make your own gum solution, it is best to
boil the water to make sure all the dry gum is going to be

I have used gum to help with "brushing" on glazes and it has
helped a great deal for me to get a even coat. Crystalline
glazes (which have little to no clay) are suspended with
gum solution and most often brushed onto a pot. Hope this

Why not Peace?