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brushing glaze, how about spraying when glaze too low

updated fri 12 dec 03


Cat Yassin on thu 11 dec 03

In a message dated 12/8/2003 1:15:15 PM Central Standard Time,
ubobu@YAHOO.COM writes:

> Since the piece is large and my supply of glaze is limited, I
> thought brushing makes sense.

Bob, I didn't see anyone else suggest spraying the glaze so I thought I
would... I store most of my glazes in containers big enough for 10,000 gram batches
but there are times when they get really low and the bigger pieces can't be
dipped so I spray them on to get an even coverage. I've always been interested
in how much glaze it actually takes to adequately cover a pot, mug, bowl, etc.
and I can do this by measuring out my mixed glaze and putting it in my spray

-Cat Yassin
in beautiful sunny San Antonio