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using toxic glazes properly - and...

updated sun 14 dec 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sat 13 dec 03

Hi Ron, hi Zoe, hi all...and...

Is not the duration of the 'what' as is in the suspect
vessel of import?

As well as what the 'what' is, as IS in it...?

A 'Lead Glaze' Bowl from 1910 say, with dry popped Popcorn
in it...sitting for hours...

Verses, with left over Spaghetti Sauce or Marrinaide in it
over-night in the 'fridge...

Big difference I would think...

A ('suspect') Mug say...with a quick glass of Water in it
for five seconds...verses something like 'tang' or Orange
Juice in it for a few hours...

Big difference...I would think...



Las Vegas
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Subject: Re: Using toxic glazes properly

> Hi Zoej,
> I guess what you are asking is - is the lead in an
unstable glaze ever
> completely leached out.
> I guess that is possible but you would notice - the glaze
would change.
> I think the safe assumption would be no - until you proved
otherwise by testing.
> RR
> >But if someone has older vessels, and still insists on
using them, how much
> >danger is there?
> >zoej
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