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trip to maine

updated tue 16 dec 03


Cat Jarosz on mon 15 dec 03

Western Maine and North east NH mostly but hope to get around to the old
college stomping grounds and down the coast to visit friends. Are there any
Potters from Clay ART in this area ? ie Conway NH area then Maine towns of
Portland, Lewiston, Windham,Ellsworth, Bethel/Rumford 30 " snow last week and
yes we are bringing our sleds, Farmington, Rangley aka Strangley { magnetic
north can be weird } both those towns got 45 " last week,Boothbay but
hopefully not Van Buren/Presque Isle area brrrrrrrrrrrrrr .

Will have Curly dog with us Airedale pup from hell aka Jaws. She
gives good puppy licks to everyone hopefully her beard will not be wet too.

So if anyone dares to have us visit and maybe do mug exchange give me some
directions before Sunday the 21st... we should be around for a few weeks
depending on the weather. But most of my family have snow mobiles and you can get
to dang near anywhere including Canada on one of those things I even
hear they have feet and hand warmers on em now... ps I have not been HOME in
so long I can not remember the last time. seems like eons so I am very excited
and hope everyone doesnt look soooooooooooo old I wont recognize em Heck
I dont recognize myself half the time.. I think My Dad looks like Burl Ives
now and he use to look like Elvis the Pelvis I wonder what the female
version of burl ives looks like for future references ??? Chicks with beards R

PS I realize this may not seem pertinent to most of clay art but in
reality it is very much a part of many potters lives. Not having time to visit your
folks if your not close to home. Maine is not an easy drive by for me and
WINTER is not a great time to make such a drive. I prefer Summer but thats BUSY
SEASON.. Most of us have small window of time to do such things if depending
on Pottery for your living expenses. This is a very very big deal to me
woo hoo spinning on head... Brothers to give noogies to and friends to
smother with good cheer.

thoughts for a happy holiday for all,

Cat Jarosz in the nc mnts.