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pot bottoms/signing - tissue paper, and...

updated wed 17 dec 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 15 dec 03

Hi Runyan,


Old Style, proper 'Tissue Paper', of various colors, in
largeish sheets, may still be had of so called 'party
stores', which here, have them in tattered rolls of many
sheets occasioning some tedium at the counter as the clerk
s-l-o-w-l-y miscounts them for the Bill...

(I finally made a deal with the Manager where we each guess,
and having a small Cash side-wager on the accuracy of the
guess...manage to have some fun with it. Too, I like to tell
them "I pay Cash and do not want a 'reciept' thank you..." -
which confuses them least at first.)

But they are available.

I used to by Reams as were from Norway, which pleased me as
one does not see anything from Norway usually...

But that particular store went away and the party-stores are
about it so far as I know...

Best wishes,

Hapy Hollidays!

Las Vegas

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From: "Runyan,Jacob"

> and the big one:
> i wrap my pots in old newpapers. recycle.
> i am going to have to buy tissue.
> after a sale i am one big black, dirty xerox smudge.
> i hate it. i am thinking that the used grocery bag
> and old newspaper is getting cheesy.
> i have bought 300 nice new boxes....for mailing and
> gift wrap for customers. so, bags and tissue may
> be next. but, that adds to the price of the sale.
> and, it adds up fast.
> My parents are in the antique business. They have begun
> purchasing paper table cloth covers from catering supply
> places to wrap stuff in when they make a sale. It's
> and you dont look like a newsboy at the end of the day.
> Foam peanuts are cheap if you dont mind the mess.
> -Jacob
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