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updated fri 19 dec 03


Bill Edwards on thu 18 dec 03

I know David's work and have a piece to admire/use. I
do believe someone in the gallery owe's him an apology
regardless of the supposed over-sight? But, according
to the continuence of the letter, there must be
something more going on in the background since they
don't usually place potters along side painters in the
brochures, makes no sense as to why?

David Beumees work could stand alone anyways but it
would be good to get his and other works of art in
galleries with attitudes like that and also have
responsible annoucements made of such. Try again David
and this time go over the details with the 'NEW'
person in charge and see if they concur with this
attitude or if you sense they do, find another outlet
to show. No need in wasteing your time and talent on
those lacking ambition or eye-sight for great art. The
only difference would be if they were trying to
intentionally pull away from anything but paintings
and if doing this you'd think they would have an open
policy/statement of some kind where other artists
wouldn't get involved if that were the case.

Bill Edwards

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