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playing to the gallery

updated fri 19 dec 03


lili krakowski on thu 18 dec 03

There is no excuse for rudeness. Period. Not on the highway on a late =
Sunday afternoon in blazing August, not at the grocery when the lines =
are 100 miles long, and so on. Rudeness is something apart from =

Yes. Some gallery owners are nasty (I am doing you this big favor), =
contemptuous (You potters! Not good enough to be painters, sculptors, =
eh?) arrogant (You should be grateful I am taking your work at all--why =
I MADE Bernie de Palissy)
dishonest ( That pot was market $8 not $18!). And they should be =
avoided like their twins in other trades.

But most of the gallery owners I have dealt with have been sweetypies. =
"Oh you made this long trip.. would you like some tea?" Considerate:"Of =
course you can't make that delivery date with your husband in ICU!" and =
kind. I have found them truthful, helpful, and--well--nice.

The person who mistreated David is not nice. Rude. Untruthful, and like =
that. But while I am very sorry for David, I think that person most =

And Janet. Bless you.